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A Space for Spiritual Healing


Welcome, my name is Elizabeth Saposnek and I am a Reiki Practitioner, Teacher, Intuitive Medium and Soul Contract Reader. I have always had a profound fondness for all things crystal and Chakra related. As a small child, I knew that we could heal ourselves with intention. My mother had always said that “I was born with a gift.” I had healed myself after an undiagnosed illness at a young age. I utilized my intuition along with self-trust, and I BELIEVED that I would be fine. I was then sent home from the hospital after living there for a month.

Later in life, the concept of Chakra’s was something that I had begun to take an interest in. I learned how to work with my energy centers, and how to balance all my inner Chakra’s. That’s when I had that special “AH- HA” moment. We are all energy; we are all connected. I began to read books about spirituality, and studied with a Buddhist group out of Sacramento, CA. I connected with the teachings of Buddhism, and strive to live by it with every waking moment.

I was introduced to “Reiki energy healing”, and that’s when I knew this Is what I have always been waiting for; it was an awakening for me. Since learning Reiki, I have volunteered to help terminally ill individuals in hospice programs, assisting them in their “transitioning” period. This is a beautiful process, which takes place by helping them reach a sense of peace and inner- healing. This is both spiritually, mentally, and emotionally beneficial in what can be such a dark and numb period in the lives of both the person receiving the Reiki healing, as well as their loved ones. I am extremely grateful that I have the opportunity to assist with the healing that is taking place within the people I encounter through my Reiki healing.

I believe that it is my personal mission to help people receive and accept more love, balance, and healing into their life, mind, body and soul.  

in December 2021 I received a higher Reiki ignition into Karuna Reiki Holy Fire Master Teacher training. The energy that flows through this style of healing is directly from God, Source, the higher forces

and works on all levels. This energy also purifies and releases disharmony, replacing that space with the holy flame. This energy heals on the cellular level, past life issues, abuse of any kind, heals the shadow aspect, helps with addictions, heals fear and panic. This energy works on all layers, levels and dimensions of who you are.

Holy fire and Karuna Reiki are registered service marks of William Lee Rand. 


Glowing, Happy and Healthy!

"Dear Elizabeth,

"I wanted to let you know how much you have helped me in healing and living a life vastly improved and pain free. Thanks to your miraculous healing efforts. I have been a victim of migraine headaches so debilitating they caused vomiting and days spent in a dark, quiet room. There hadn't been 2 days in a row where I wasn't struggling in pain. Now Thanks to you those horrible days are few and far between.

Thank God for you Elizabeth, God Bless you."

Jaymie Wright

"I've always been told by others that I am a natural healer, so it wasn't a surprise when I found myself attending Liz's class on Reiki 1 Beginners Level Course. I felt an inner guidance and was drawn to take her class. I did not know what to expect, but the hand's on class was very informative and Liz kept everyone engaged at all times. Once I was attuned by Liz, I was surprised to feel so much energy pulsing through my hands. It was quite a unique experience, because until then I did not know how energy felt and that it would happen so quickly for me. Thank You, Liz for attuning me with this spiritual gift to heal others and myself. I'm truly grateful that I attended this class."

With Love and light,


"Let me just start off with, Liz is AMAZING! I took her Reiki One class, and it was apparent that she is ardent in her craft. She is also very intuitive and passionate about helping others, healing others, and bringing a self-awareness and awaking to those she works with. During my attunement, I have never felt such a rush of euphoric yet powerful and empowering source of energy as I have with Liz. Words can or explain the energy I felt coming from her! She is truly a gifted healer with exceptional healing abilities. I left there feeling centered, grounded and at peace. It was an experience I will never forget."

Megan S.

"I went to my first Reiki class last Sunday. It was wonderful to have such a dedicated, Sincere teacher Elizabeth Saposnek. She put us all at ease, which contributed to a relaxed learning experience. I really learned that i had more capabilities than I have ever realized, and hope to put them to good use. Looking forward to the next class."

Aileen Contreras

I don't know where to start so I’m just going to hop into it! First off, I’m gonna start with Elizabeth’s character. She is a fierce and loving momma bear. No matter your race, age, or creed she will embrace you as her own. The love she embodies for everyone and the planet as a whole is astounding.

As an advanced energy worker, like Elizabeth, I’m very cautious about who I let work on me. Most of the people I do these types of exchanges with aren’t lifelong partnerships. Elizabeth is definitely a lifelong friend and shamanic companion for me. In 4 sessions over 5 weeks time, she helped me integrate 7 years of deep soul work. This was the missing component of my work. INTEGRATION.

She meets you where you’re at. No judgment, no force, just an open mind and heart that brings you what you need to further your own success. The amount of the Earth Mother energy she holds is staggering. She is a container for not only the whole human race but also those in spirit form. She weaves the physical and psychic fabric with ease which allows for profound healing effects on both the body and consciousness.

I highly recommend her and am eternally grateful to have her as my Momma Bear.

-Cody Jupiter Phetteplace


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